Heart's Desire Equine Rescue, Inc.

It is our "heart's desire" that every horse be loved....


Heart's Desire Equine Rescue, Inc. is a unique 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. We seek to educate through various programs as well as find "forever" homes for the horses that come into our care.

 We manage a beautiful facility in the Bear Creek community of Hubert, NC. We are unique in the fact that we do not foster our rescues out to other homes. We care for the horses on-site

 We welcome visitors during open house days and have numerous volunteer programs.

Best way to contact us is via e-mail [email protected] for general information.

We Offer SAT Schloarship Hours to All Onslow County High School Students, National Honor Society Hours to All High School and Middle School Students

 The Following Programs Help Support Our Mission To Save Horses Along With Donations

  1.  Recreational Riding Lessons
  2.  Equine Assisted Riding Lessons
  3.  Camps Throughout The Year 
  4.  Horse Massage Sport Therapy By Appointment
  5.  Contact [email protected], Lauren Cooper, Manager.


A Very Special Thank You

The very foundation of our mission would not be possible without the compassion and hearts of two special people, Faye and Sherrill Hurst, of the Bear Creek community of Onslow County, who so graciously share their beautiful horse facility for the home of our rescued horses. We appreciate their support and are grateful to have such a wonderful home for these special horses that are so worthy. Thank you so much Faye and Sherrill  from Heart's Desire and every horse that is able to share this peaceful place.


What makes a good volunteer?

1.  Someone who understands that working with large animals, horses in particular, is entirely different than taking care of a housepet.

2.  Someone who comes because their sense of animal welfare is keen and they are very compassionate by nature, willing to make sacrifices without expectations of reward.

3.  Someone who has energy to give, ideas to offer and enough time not to feel that coming to work with the animals makes their world too busy.  

4.  Someone who, even though they may have experience in the business, is willing to learn different and new ways of doing things.

5.  Someone who has the welfare of the animal foremost in their mind.  Their personal ego is way down on the list.  First comes the animal, then the organization and its mission, and then the personal interest.

6.  Someone who is not afraid to ask for money from the community to help support the animal welfare operation and who shares his/her skills, such as writing, editing, computer knowledge, accounting, and, most of all, fundraising!

6.  Someone who is willing to stay for a while and make the most of the experience and make it one to be remembered.  Horses have so much to give and even cleaning up after them is aromatherapy!